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How To Start Human Hair Weave Business?

Selling human hair weave is a very profitable business as many people already know.If you know how to run a hair weave business,it could bring you a lot of money and make you financially independent.Most of the hair business companies in US are importing hair from China and India.Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair is very […]

Brazilian Hair Weave Care Guide

Brazilian human hair weave is quite similar with Chinese virgin hair,but its more soft than Chinese hair,Chinese virgin hair feels more strong.Hair weave that made of 100% Brazilian human hair could create a very soft and wave style,A hair stylist could do any technique on the hair,like styling,perm or dying,and it could still hold very […]

How Long Could My Hair Weave Last?

Hair products are now a must-have item for fashion people.Celebrities use hair weave or lace wigs to change their looking,which will give us a very fresh feelings.And the price for human hair weaves are not so expensive like before,most of the people could afford.Many people have a question,that is:how long could my hair weave/lace wig […]

5 Common Problems For Hair Weave

Hair weave business is quite different with other common businesses.Most of the hair products procedure are hand made.And all the hair are collected by different places,different people and different time,so complaints are normal in hair weave business. What are the 5 common problems for hair weave? 1.Hair Quality The hair type itself is the crucial […]