How To Choose the Right Wig Density

Wig density refers to the number of strands per square inch in a lace wig. It indicates how thick or thin your crown will be once you’ve worn it. Expressed as a percentage, the higher the number is, the thicker it will be. But how do you know how dense your wig should be?

Rebe Hair has your back.

Here’s a buying guide that will help you find the perfect wig density for your needs.


This is one of the most important factors for choosing the right density. Choose a wig that will work well with your lifestyle so you can enjoy the most benefits.

You should also know what you want it to do whether it’s to cover up thinning hair, protect your natural hair, or change your hairstyle in a snap. For example, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you might want to go with a low-density wig. Higher-density wigs will weigh you down, accumulate sweat, cause uncomfortable itching, and get damaged more quickly.

Your Age

Reach for a wig that makes you look attractive for your age to achieve natural-looking results. For example, if you’re a younger woman, you can go for the fullest, most luxurious wigs, knowing that the extra volume, bounce, and movement on your crown won’t look out of place.

But, if you’re an older woman, you might want to stick with low-density options.

Hair growth tends to slow down as we age. Many of our follicles stop producing new strands altogether, causing hair thinning. So, if you want to achieve a realistic look, opt for wigs with low hair density, such as 60% to 90% or 100% to 110%.

Hair Texture

Wigs come in different textures such as wavy, curly, straight, and so on. You’ll also find them with different curl patterns like kinky curl, body wave, water wave, etc.

Straight wigs are narrower but are more manageable so it’s best to choose high-density wigs for more volume and fullness. On the other hand, curly variants can look quite voluminous, giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair, so you might want to opt for anywhere between 60% and 130% density for natural-looking fullness.

Your Hair Density

The perfect wig for your needs will come down to your personal preferences. After all, there’s no point in elevating your look if you don’t feel beautiful!

However, if you want your hair to look natural, that is to say—make your wig look less “wiggy,” buy one that matches your hair density. With a product from a reputable hair supplier, no one will be the wiser and you’ll get the look you desire while being comfortable and maintaining your scalp’s health.

Your Preferred Hairstyle

Wigs are generally available in 3 lengths: short, medium, and long.

But don’t let that be your only deciding factor!

Two wigs with the same density can appear differently on different hair lengths, more so when texture comes into play. That’s why you should consider how you plan to wear your hair. For instance, if you want to rock a short bob, reach for shorter styles with low to medium density. But if you want a head-turning look with 18 to 30  inches on your head, go for higher density for maximum impact.

Get Quality Wigs From Rebe Hair

A good quality hair wig made with Remy human hair will look and feel more natural than its synthetic counterparts. This is because it’s similar to the density of a healthy human head of hair. It can also last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

Having said that, Remy wigs tend to run on the expensive side. But if you purchase wholesale lace wigs from a reputable supplier like yours truly, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

We also offer a variety of wholesale hair extensions, virgin hair bundles, and hair toppers so you can pick the perfect accessory for your needs and lifestyle.

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