How To Start Human Hair Weave Business?

Selling human hair weave is a very profitable business as many people already know.If you know how to run a hair weave business,it could bring you a lot of money and make you financially independent.Most of the hair business companies in US are importing hair from China and India.Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair is very popular on the market right now.Indian remy hair is very expensive hair ranges from $80-$300 depends the length of the hair.The human hair weave industry has become a multimillion dollar business,and its still profitable,because its in the beauty niche,girls are always want their hair looks beautiful.And we could make them happy:)

So how to start a hair weave business?Here is a brief guide might give you some ideas.


You have to do marketing research before you do anything.You need to know:

  • how many salons or stores are selling human hair weave,and how is their business going?
  • Is there a lot of customers want to buy hair weave?
  • How do you want to start out your business?
  • What do you want to sell?And How?
  • There are several famous brands in US market,do you want to sell by their brand or create your own brand?

You need to clearly know what you will do in the next step.

2.Find a good supplier.

You need to prepare to travel.Most of the hair weaving are coming from China and India,its better to go to the real factory and talk with the hair business owner face to face.There are hundreds of wholesale human hair weave suppliers in China,its hard to find a good one,but if you find a good one,then that’s your goldmine,keep secret your supplier,then you could get good quality hair also a good price,so your business will become easier.

3.Decide Where and How to Sell

Its time to decide how to run your business,there are mainly 2 ways,online or offline.

If you are not quite familiar with online business,you might want to open a store in your local,talk with other sellers and learn.

Hair Weave Store

Online selling is what I love to suggest you,you are selling the hair to the whole world now!However,online stores will be more complicated if you are not good at computers.

4.Love your Job.

Yes,love hair weave,wear them yourself:)

If you have need ANY help with human hair weave business,or want to buy hair weave wholesale,do not hesitate to contact us 🙂


90 thoughts on “How To Start Human Hair Weave Business?

  1. Kadeidra says:

    So I was interested in hair weave distribution, but I’m not quite ready to start my own line due to the fact that I’m new to this hair weave business. Anyway I wanted to know if there was any way I could be a sales rep for another hair line or company and if so, how do I go about getting a connect?

  2. caro says:

    I have been a hairdresser for 11 year and would love to start up my own line of weaves. Primarily supplying weaves to my clients then moving up from there. Could you please guide me. Do not know where to start.

  3. DarknLovely says:

    I want to start selling Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysia hair etc. I was wondering how do you go by starting selling the hair.Can someone email me or answer my question about this.

  4. Veedot06 says:

    I m going to start a hair business as well, I just need a good supplier that will have a great product ! And great prices so we can both make money! Because I gave the clients my town is very thirsty for good hair ! But no suppliers! So I want that outlet to be me!

  5. Tabassum syed says:

    Hello, I wanted to start hair distribution business, I have a source from India, I need help, how to start, can any one advise shall I buy and sell in US or start distribution business, also how to learn more about the hair quality, specifications, or other information, can please advise.

  6. Hazel says:

    Good day I want to start selling human hair.
    please guide me on how to start and where to find a good reliable supplier with affordable prices. im in South Africa. Thanks

  7. rai says:

    hi I want to start my own hair business I am in Florida I was thinking to sell them in Santo Domingo and Haiti I’m looking for a good company supplies please help me phone number is *night 5 four * seven 7 four *three 2 six 2* THANKS

  8. Dima says:

    Hi I’m in South africa. And want to start this buziness can I order samples first,how much will it cost I’m my currency SA

  9. Dallas Carter says:

    Hi, I would love more information on pricing and minimums. Your operation looks very good! I am looking to build a very strong business here in America and I am searching for a higher quality hair than I have right now. And at a better cost to me. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you

  10. Latrina says:

    Hi Im interested in selling hair could you give me more info on your product like pricing and quaility etc also sample thanks

  11. mikki says:

    Where are you guys located? Are you a supplier? Wholesale? Middleman? I would like to know before I get started. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      We are located in QingDao,and we are a factory.
      If you have any further questions,please feel free to contact us.


  12. Deborah says:

    I am interesting in starting my own business selling quality weave, clip ons, and lace wigs. What is the starting price for these products?

  13. AUGUSTA says:

    I am interesting in starting my own business selling quality weave and lace wigs. like how much to starting up such business.

  14. mokgadi says:

    i would like to start hair business in south Africa,i know I can make money but need to know if ill make profit,how much are prices and how good is the hair

  15. Njabs says:

    Good day

    can you please supply me wit more information regarding this business as , i would like to start my own CC/ distribution

  16. Mo says:

    I’m based in South Africa,stay at home of 1 and I’d like to run my business online . It’s just an idea I’ve been thinking about and it grows on me everyday . I need a great supplier and don’t have a lot of capital. I need help on how to get started

  17. Norred says:

    This is really good information. I sell weave now currently and looking into becoming a wholesaler my self I am needing some sellers who want to try my brand of MY Hair My Way Hair Extensions or start their own. I do provide sample kits of my hair to try. Email me if interested. Good luck everyone!

  18. Neelam says:

    I was searching quality cheap hair extensions from different suppliers in China , but I am really amazed the way the deal with their customers. Actually I have launched a Hair Extensions website to give people real genuine information and for this purpose I want to try different extensions to post honest reviews. I agree with you that finding the quality hair extensions and the best suppliers is really challenging. I will also send you email so that my readers will get benefit from your experience as well.

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