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April 26, 2016
26 Apr 2016

What Does 5A,6A,7A Grade Means In The Current Hair World?

We got a lot of questions about this question,what exactly does this grade system means?A lot of US vendors and Chinese vendors are labeling their hair as 5A,6A,7A or even 8A.
To answer this question simply,of course the higher the Grade,the better the quality of the hair.Does this mean 8A is the best quality one?I guess now,because they can make up and label their hair 9A or even 10A just as they like.
So in the current hair industry,this grade system is just a bunch of crap.

Case 1:

8A Hair 18inch 4 Bundles Free Shipping $88.65

Case 2:

10A Hair 18inch 4 Bundles $108.22

Case 3:

5A Hair 3 Bundles $201


As you could see from the above aliexpress stores,the first one is selling 10A hair with crazy cheap price,and the second store is selling almost the same price hair with the first one.

But the third one is selling 5A hair but the price is very expensive.

Why this happen?

There are no official definition for hair grade system,the hair companies could just write as they want.The result is only to confuse the customers.
The hair business is complicate,there are a lot of tricks and lies in this industry.There are sellers are mixing animal hair,synthetic hair to their products,some sellers are making very thin ends hair with very low price to attract customers.There must be a reason if the hair is crazy cheap.(But there are people do not care,they just want cheap hair,right?)

If you are buying for your personal use

I think it does not matter for you if you are just buying for your own use.You could just choose one store you like with great price.

If you are a business

I think you should clearly know what happening in this business,you should know what you are buying and how long the hair could last etc.

Yes,you could earn more money if you sell low quality hair,but I think it’s quick money and will not help your business,low quality means more complaints.You business will not last long and people will not buy from you anymore,even you sell other products.

I think quality should be the foundation of a successful business.We are not selling 5A hair(acid washed fallen hair)any more,because that will ruin our business.With 6A(Virgin hair from multiple donors) and 7A hair(virgin hair from one donor) we are getting stable orders and our customers business is growing quickly.

Free Sample Program

We want to let more salon owners or wholesale buyers to try our products,so we could sell the good quality hair to customers and build a long-lasting business.And I know it is hard to trust any vendor online,we could send you 1 or 2 samples to you,so you could test our hair quality.But we need you should be one of the least:

  • store owners
  • licensed cosmetologists
  • Online Retailer
  • Beauty Supply Store

Applications are reviewed within two business days.You will be requested to provide a copy of your business license or other information to qualify your application. Upon approval,we will send you free sample and price list.

December 26, 2015
26 Dec 2015

Quality Always Comes First

Last week, we received a client from Tanzania. Her name is Tousi. Her hometown is in Tanzania but she lives presently in the US. She contacted us in August of this year, and placed an order for some samples.

Diana & Tousi at Airport

Diana & Tousi at Airport

She visited Guangzhou for a few days recently before she came to our factory. Only after a short conversation did I realize that the wig she had on was from one of our samples. She also confirmed that she had purchased samples from other suppliers, but after getting installed and washing it just a few times, they began to tangle. According to her, however, she has been wearing our hair for half a year and yet it still looks good and no tangle at all.

Because the hair market itself operates without scrutiny from the relevant bodies, many fraudulent factories mix synthetic fibers in their products to reduce the cost of production and thereby sell at low prices in order to attract customers. And considering the huge competition there is in the hair market, their prices are often a great source of attraction to potential buyers who cannot pinpoint the defects immediately especially when they least expect such under handling.

We have, nonetheless, remained steadfast to producing the most excellent products, seeing that quality is our watch word. Never at the expense of quality, would we jeopardise our stand, not even in the bid of attracting customers with low prices. This is because we believe that a good product is the foundation of a long lasting business.

Tousi is checking her order in our factory

Tousi is checking her order in our factory

Tousi’s visit has also reinforced our believe in making good quality products. She also attested to the fact that our hair are indispensable for African women. But that the presence of a huge amount of cheap products in the market attract so many buyers, but they all tangle after a short while, and as a result constitutes a negative impact on her brand. There and then she made a decision to buy our most expensive 7A virgin hair products,thus answering our curiosity on why the African ladies buy such high-end hair products.

Tousi works for a Tanzanian TV station and know some famous celebrities and she is hoping to use her influence to create their own brands, and therefore only the very best is good enough.



We,RebeHair,will never compromise with low quality products,we will keep making good quality products.

September 6, 2015
06 Sep 2015

5 Reasons Why We Recommend 6A Grade Hair

Either you are a personal user or distributor,you want to buy the best quality hair.There are different grades of hair on the market,it’s really hard to choose,especially when there are so many vendors selling in a such big price range.If you are new to this business,we recommend you could try to start with 6A grade virgin hair.

I believe most of you know that when we process hair,there is a step called:acid bath,the hair was collected with tops and ends mixed,so buy soaking it in an acid bath.It arrives coated heavily in silicone,cuticles removed,giving it a temporary” tangle free” natural and unnatural shine,which could rinses away with the first few washes,this leads to a very short life time for 5A grade hair.Unfortunately,some suppliers are mixing synthetic hair or animal hair in it.Thus,you could find a lot of unbelievable prices online.
But for our 7A grade hair,its 100% unprocessed,the hair was collected from one single donor,the cuticles are all in the same direction,no acid bath or any other chemical process,you could dye,perm and style it freely,it will just like your own hair!Because this true virgin hair is getting less and less,the price is getting higher and higher.

For 6A Grade Hair,which is 100% human hair for sure,even thought its not from one single donor,our workers use some technique to make the cuticles in the same direction,with only little chemical process,the hair remains its natural shine,and you could dye and style it too.The life time is at least 3 times longer than 5A grade hair.Most importantly,the price for 6A is affordable.

Run Business Longer
Sometimes too cheap is not a good thing,when your customers give you complains everyday,you could not hold a business long.I know some vendors started their Aliexpress store by selling 5A grade hair and get closed by the Administrator because of tons of bad reviews.So no matter you want to start your business online or open a local store,5A hair is not a good choice to start.Only with good reviews and return customers,you could run a long time business,which 6A grade hair,from our experience,could help you to achieve this.

Suitable For All Markets
6A grade hair is suitable for all markets,hair business is a world wide business,considering 7A virgin hair is getting less and less,6A grade hair will become the main product in the next a few years.

Large Inventory
We already realized this trend,and we are making a lot of stocks for 6A grade hair,this is a good advantages for distributors,because we could be your storage and you could order as many as you want,even just 1 piece.Also dropshipping is available.

So according to the price,quality,business strategy and the market demand,6A grade hair is a good choice to start.But based on the potential market and customers,5A is still in a huge demand in African,A lot of distributor from Australia are still looking for the best 7A grade virgin double drawn hair,you could just ignore this post and keep your own strategy.

You need to have a plan or strategy,you need to know who you are going to sell,what your customers are really want,how long you want to run your business.What do you think?

August 25, 2015
25 Aug 2015

Youtube Gurus Cooperation

I know there are a lot of customers want to see our customer reviews,and there is very less rebehair reviews on the net.This is mainly because we only deal with wholesale buyers,they seldom write reviews for their supplier from China.

We ship about 10,000 bundles hair weave to our customers from all over the world,some of them are big hair distributor,some are salons,and some are personal sellers who are selling on ebay or instagram.Our goal is to let every customer happy.

And we are receiving inquires from new customers every week.Some of them want to know more about our company,like background,whether we are a trustful supplier etc.

We understand your concerns,and now we want to cooperate with youtube gurus to do hair reviews,if you have a youtube channel and at least 10.000 followers,please feel free to contact us.

Contact email:

We could send you some hair for free.

With more and more review videos online,I think you will know the quality of our hair.

Youtube Gurus Cooperation


March 20, 2015
20 Mar 2015

Do Not Look at Price First when Choosing a Hair Extensions Supplier

During the past two weeks I have met two customers, one from the USA and the other one – called Philip – is a entrepreneur who has many businesses in Dubai, Germany and the USA.They both want to visit our factory and buy some samples face to face. Philip arrived at Guangzhou, and he invited me to bring some hair samples and meet him there.He is a very successful businessman and his wife is in the hair extensions business, He saw a lot of hair companies in Guangzhou and bought many samples. One of the problems he met was the price competition, the prices he got from the hair companies were almost the same, varying only by a few dollars for one kilo of hair.

Jack and his customer Elmer

Jack and his customer Elmer

Most of the wholesale hair buyers might think that price is always the first factor to consider when choosing a supplier from China, but after working years in this industry, I strongly believe that price should not be the first factor, there are many other factors you should consider which are much more important than price.

For most of the wholesale buyers quality always takes first place; a bad quality product could bring you more profit, but it could also ruin your business, because the hair extensions business is a “show” business; customers like to show their new look on social networks like instagram, facebook or twitter. If you sell bad hair to your customers they will publish it and tell their followers. It’s a nightmare for a company that has a lot of bad reviews. Because of the high competition in China, we tried to reduce our prices or supply customized products in line with the customer’s target price, but now we refuse to take orders with a price which is too low, as it will ruin our reputation. We recommend you start with high quality hair if you are just starting your business, you may not earn a lot of money at first but your business will grow gradually and customers will return.

The second factor is delivery time, I think this is a big problem for many factories, the orders are always delayed; you never get your order on time. There are many salon owners buying hair extensions, if the factories do not deliver orders on time, the salons need to postpone their customer appointments and this is bad for their business. Sometimes we have not been able to deliver the orders on time either, and in these cases we have optimized our team to give our customers an exact date the order will arrive, trying to get the order to them on time.

The third factor is service, Your supplier should always answer your questions or emails on time. With the development of technology you can easily contact someone by phone, email, whatsapp, skype, etc. so if the supplier cannot reply to you within 24 hours you can hardly justify doing business with them.

Many successful companies from the USA sell hair extensions at quite a high price, and they have a lot of customers, I think the reason why they are successful is because they make sure their customers receive the best quality hair on time and their service is always the best.


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