How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Hair extensions have become the ultimate solution for many women. They can revamp your look in an instant without permanently altering your hair. Other women use hair extensions as a confidence booster, especially if they’re struggling with thin hair.

Whether you want to invest in hair extensions for personal use or commercial reasons, knowing how much they cost and finding a reliable hair supplier can make your buying experience better and fetch you better prices.

What Factors Affect the Price of Hair Extensions?

Before determining the ballpark costs of hair extensions, you should understand the main factors affecting their price. This will allow you to determine whether the hair extension is worth it.

#1. Hair Type

Decide if you’re looking for human or synthetic hair. Your decision will play a large role in determining the cost of hair extensions. Note that human hair extensions can come from anywhere in the world but they’re challenging to find, especially in bulk because they need to be intact and aligned.

The process that human hair extensions go through is also tedious and demanding, given that they need to be smooth, tangle-free, and shiny while retaining the hair’s natural integrity. Synthetic hair used in hair extensions, on the other hand, comes from different kinds of materials except human hair.

The most common artificial materials used are nylon, acrylic, and polyester. They are subjected to processes that make them feel and look like natural hair but they are also prone to being stiff or having an unnatural shine, lending them an artificial appearance.

#2. Hair Length

The longer the hair extension, the more expensive it becomes irrespective of the kind of hair used. The cost of hair extensions is based on the length per inch or centimeters.

#3. Hair Color

Even the color of the hair increases and decreases the value of hair extensions. The general rule is strands with lighter colors are more expensive than darker ones because they’re more difficult to find, especially if they’re actual human hair.

#4. Quantity of Hair Extensions

If you’re purchasing in bulk, you can take advantage of the prices of wholesale hair extensions. Though it entails a larger initial investment, it could cost you considerably less than buying retail.

#5. Place and Type of Application

Salons can charge a hefty price for the attachment of hair extensions. It takes practice and skill after all. Given that there are many ways to install hair extensions, from sew-ins to microbeads, tape-ins, and fusion bonded, these too will influence the overall cost of your hair extensions.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Considering the factors mentioned, hair extension bundles can range from $85 to $300. Note that this doesn’t include the tools you need to attach them or the professional fee you might pay at the salon.

Invest in high-quality products and look into the durability of hair extensions before purchasing them. If you want to be confident about your transaction, consider REBE Hair Extensions, a top seller of hair extensions that can provide you with a wide selection of products.

Before making a purchase, consider all your options and evaluate your potential suppliers. Go through their merchandise and read reviews from customers. Find an online shop that understands your needs and will proactively provide you with guidance and support.

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