What Does 5A,6A,7A Grade Means In The Current Hair World?

We got a lot of questions about this question,what exactly does this grade system means?A lot of US vendors and Chinese vendors are labeling their hair as 5A,6A,7A or even 8A.
To answer this question simply,of course the higher the Grade,the better the quality of the hair.Does this mean 8A is the best quality one?I guess now,because they can make up and label their hair 9A or even 10A just as they like.
So in the current hair industry,this grade system is just a bunch of crap.

Case 1:

8A Hair 18inch 4 Bundles Free Shipping $88.65

Case 2:

10A Hair 18inch 4 Bundles $108.22

Case 3:

5A Hair 3 Bundles $201


As you could see from the above aliexpress stores,the first one is selling 10A hair with crazy cheap price,and the second store is selling almost the same price hair with the first one.

But the third one is selling 5A hair but the price is very expensive.

Why this happen?

There are no official definition for hair grade system,the hair companies could just write as they want.The result is only to confuse the customers.
The hair business is complicate,there are a lot of tricks and lies in this industry.There are sellers are mixing animal hair,synthetic hair to their products,some sellers are making very thin ends hair with very low price to attract customers.There must be a reason if the hair is crazy cheap.(But there are people do not care,they just want cheap hair,right?)

If you are buying for your personal use

I think it does not matter for you if you are just buying for your own use.You could just choose one store you like with great price.

If you are a business

I think you should clearly know what happening in this business,you should know what you are buying and how long the hair could last etc.

Yes,you could earn more money if you sell low quality hair,but I think it’s quick money and will not help your business,low quality means more complaints.You business will not last long and people will not buy from you anymore,even you sell other products.

I think quality should be the foundation of a successful business.We are not selling 5A hair(acid washed fallen hair)any more,because that will ruin our business.With 6A(Virgin hair from multiple donors) and 7A hair(virgin hair from one donor) we are getting stable orders and our customers business is growing quickly.

Free Sample Program

We want to let more salon owners or wholesale buyers to try our products,so we could sell the good quality hair to customers and build a long-lasting business.And I know it is hard to trust any vendor online,we could send you 1 or 2 samples to you,so you could test our hair quality.But we need you should be one of the least:

  • store owners
  • licensed cosmetologists
  • Online Retailer
  • Beauty Supply Store

Applications are reviewed within two business days.You will be requested to provide a copy of your business license or other information to qualify your application. Upon approval,we will send you free sample and price list.

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    I’m a licensed cosmetologist that is in the process of opening a Beauty supply store. Looking for vendors for wigs, weaves, and more.

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