What is virgin hair?


Today, there’s so much going on when it comes to hair. Whether it’s to make hair shinier, bouncier, curlier, sleeker, or an altogether different color, there are new styles and treatments all the time.
If you’re someone who goes to the salon regularly and likes getting different hair services done, you might have heard your hairstylist mention “virgin hair.” But what is virgin hair exactly and why do we hear about it all the time?
Find out more about this kind of hair and why most hair professionals prefer working with it.

What Is Virgin Hair?

As the name suggests, virgin hair is hair that is unprocessed, undamaged, and still completely intact. It has never been treated with chemicals like hair dye or bleach. Simply put, virgin hair is untouched hair.

You must understand that not all hair can be called virgin hair. Virgin hair should also not have been exposed to heat from blow dryers and hair straighteners. Once you’ve blown-dried your hair, curled it, had it color-treated or dyed, that’s the end of your virgin hair and you can never go back to having that same kind of hair unless you grow it out again.

Hair colorists and professionals prefer to work with virgin hair because it’s healthier and hasn’t been damaged. Since retexturizing (think rebonding) and coloring (like balayage) entail the use of harsh chemicals, healthy hair can better withstand their effects than previously treated strands.

Apart from those times when you’re looking to receive certain salon services, virgin hair is also the ideal material for hair extensions.

Wholesale hair extensions involve purchasing hair extensions in bulk at discounted prices for distribution or retail purposes. It offers businesses a cost-effective way to acquire a wide range of high-quality options, while customers can enjoy affordability and versatility in enhancing their natural hair.

Virgin Hair Makes the Best Hair Extensions

Hair extensions make your hair look fuller and give you more styling options. When it comes to extensions, virgin hair is the most sought-after because it is untouched, strong, and all-natural. However, it is not easy to get a hold of virgin hair because the number of possible donors is limited.

Most women would have had their hair treated by the fourth or fifth grade. The older one gets, the more likely it is that one’s hair has been subjected to chemical processes. Additionally, those who donate their virgin hair should be willing to share at least 8 inches of their hair, making the pool of possible donors even smaller.

But the challenges of collecting virgin hair in wholesale hair don’t end there. Additionally, each hair extension product should ideally be sourced from a single donor and have the hair cuticles intact. The strands should also be running or moving in the same direction.

Because of all these requirements, virgin hair extensions are considered premium quality. Take a look at their benefits in the next section.

Benefits of Virgin Hair Extensions

Why should you buy virgin hair extensions? Here are three reasons:

1. It looks and feels natural.

As a client going in for hair extensions, your number one request is for the extensions to look and feel like human hair so they seamlessly blend in with your own strands. Extensions that don’t match the texture and color of your hair look awkward and are unflattering.

If you’re after the real deal and don’t want synthetic hair, virgin hair extensions are your best option. You can do almost anything and everything to virgin extensions from coloring, perming, curling, and more. And no one will be any wiser that they didn’t grow from your scalp!

2. Virgin hair extensions are healthier and stronger.

Since virgin tresses haven’t been exposed to chemicals, you can expect them to be healthier and stronger. Harsh chemicals and constant exposure to heat can cause damage to the hair as it will break down the protein bonds of the hair.

When you use virgin hair extensions, you may even find it healthier than your natural hair, thanks to zero exposure to perms, dyes, relaxers, and other hair styling products.

3. These hair extensions last longer.

With proper care, virgin hair extensions can last up to two years which isn’t a bad deal for its steeper price tag. By storing them properly and giving them the proper care, you can enjoy your virgin hair extensions longer without compromising the extension’s quality and overall aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions transform your look instantly. If you want the best-looking and longest-lasting extensions, go for hair extensions that use 100% virgin hair. These extensions look and feel natural so no one can tell that you’re using them. Plus, you can style them more since they’re made of healthy virgin strands that have never been exposed to harmful chemicals.

For quality extensions that are made of virgin hair, look no further than Rebe Hair a great wholesale hair supplier. We supply a wide variety of affordable premium hair extensions for your wholesale needs.


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