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There are some tricks and scams in wholesale hair weave business,because without enough experience in hair industry,you could not tell the different origins of hair,like Brazilian virgin,Chinese virgin and indian virgin,let alone what is virgin,remy,non-remy hair.And sometimes when we discuss the price for one certain type of hair,we and our customers are not on the same page,for instance,a lot of customers do not know what is virgin hair,what is remy hair,and when they get the hair,if the hair is no shedding no tangling,then they think the hair is virgin!On the other hand,even with virgin hair,if clients do not care the hair well,the hair will tangle and shed too!

Brazilian virgin hair is very hot on the market now,but for most of clients we are facing,they do not even know what is Brazilian virgin hair!

The real Brazilian virgin hair should come from Brazil and the hair is very similar with Chinese virgin hair,its very soft and when you feel it,its a little stronger than Indian hair,and you could dye it or make texture on it,and it could last quite long time.

So when you are buying wholesale hair weave from us,how we could help you the most?

Let us know your target price or your budget.

We have customers from all over the world,and we are making different grades of hair for them.

  • For customers from Europe,most of them are buying VIRGIN hair,expensive ones.
  • For customers from US & Canada,some are buying virgin,and some are buying remy.
  • For customers from Africa,most of them do not care the hair origin,they just want non-shedding,non-tangling hair,so sometimes non-remy could work.

So in most of cases,our wholesale price list is only for your reference,its better for you to tell us more your business background,and your potential buyers,your target price for one bundle.Then we could give you our suggestions based on our clients’ experience.

As a hair products factory,we would love to deal with customers from different counties,just let us know your request.

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