Tips and Tricks for Winter-Ready Hair Extensions

Unfortunately, winter and hair extensions aren’t a match made in heaven. If it gets too cold, hair extensions could freeze and cause the strands to break. They may also lose their smooth and lovely texture from being wet.

Hair extensions need some extra TLC during the winter months. With our tips and tricks, you can keep your extensions looking smooth, glossy, and beautiful.

Check out our advice below!

Tip #1: Wash Your Hair Less Often

The feeling of having a clean, grease-free scalp and strands is unlike any other, especially when you have hair extensions. While grease-free hair creates a better bond for extensions, overwashing your hair can do more harm than good.

Due to the dry weather, your hair can become dry and brittle, causing irreversible damage. Though it’s often seen as a negative, greasy hair isn’t always bad. It can be beneficial during winter as it provides hair follicles with the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay moisturized and healthy.

Washing your hair excessively removes the natural oils, leaving your hair and extensions super dry. This can cause your hair to look lifeless which is not the look you’re going for.

The lesson? Shampoo your hair and extensions only a few days each week.

Tip #2: Moisture? Yes, Please!

Whether it’s a leave-in conditioner, hair serum, or hair mask, say yes to moisture in all forms possible. The cold weather will strip the moisture from your luscious locks, so getting in as much moisture as possible is a must.

Follow the directions of the product you’re using, but no matter what, ensure you give the ends of your hair and extensions some extra love. Give yourself a relaxing head massage while you’re at it. You’ll find this helpful to your hair and mental health.

Tip #3: Use Fabrics That Don’t Create Friction

If you use hair ties regularly, you may want to switch to silk scrunchies. These are excellent because they do not tug at your hair and extensions, so they remain intact. Moreover, the silk helps tame frizz.

You can take it up a notch and opt for silk pillow covers. A silk case minimizes the chances of “bed head” and leaves your tresses untangled, so you don’t have to apply extreme pressure when brushing your hair.

Similarly, when using scarves, beanies, or hats, ensure you’re mindful of the fabric. This is one of the best ways to care for your hair extensions in winter.

Final Thoughts

Go easy on your hair when handling it. Use a tangle teezer or a wide-tooth comb to minimize damage while brushing your hair. Always use a leave-in conditioner, serum, or heat protectant when styling.

Having a put-together look in all seasons is crucial. As the leading hair supplier of wholesale lace wigs and hair extensions, Rebe Hair understands the need for amazing hair. Check out our product catalog to learn what else we offer.

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