The HIGHEST Quality Virgin Hair You Could Get?!

True Virgin Hair

We have a very big customer from Japan and we have been doing business with him since 2009,he owns 20 stores in Japan right now,and his featured products are 100% virgin lace wigs,the hair is the highest quality we could get in China,the cuticle is intact,when you check the hair in a microscope,you could see the cuticles,the hair is 100% unprocessed.

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But when you search “virgin hair” on alibaba,you can see every factory calls their hair Virgin Hair,and the price is incredible cheap:

Our customer Karen sent us this price he got from this supplier
Our customer Karen sent us this price he got from this supplier

By this price,the hair can not be Virgin,Chinese vendors(including us) are trying to get more customers by these crazy low price,because of this price war,the “virgin”hair is not virgin anymore.

Many wholesale buyers(especially buyers from South Africa),they do not care about these definitions,they only thing they care is whether their customers like their hair,and profit.

But there are still a lot of wholesale buyers from US,UK and Australia,they want true virgin hair,which is 100% unprocessed,cuticle intact,no tangle and no shedding,our customer Carla from Australia,she visited our factory last year and we talked a lot regarding the highest hair quality,and we knew that she was asking for the highest quality true virgin hair,that’s why I talked with our Japan marketing manager and get this hair completed:

Double Drawn Virgin Hair Double Drawn Virgin Hair Double Drawn Virgin Hair

There are big demands and potentials about hair extensions in Australia,but the quality they need is always the highest on the market.

The purpose we continue updating our blog regarding the hair extensions business is that we want to help those buyers who want to get into or already in this business,Its so hard to find a good supplier if you do not know what’s going on in this price war.I think everyone in hair extensions business should know luxyhair,when they started their business,they placed sample orders with around 10 suppliers they found on alibaba,and finally they find the best one and they are  making millions of dollars by selling hair extensions every year.

So when you are sending inquires to us,please give us as much info as possible,like your target price,you business model,then we could give our best help to your business and give you the best quotation.

We like to do high quality orders,because high quality will bring you more customers,and this is the essence of a successful and long-term business.—Jack




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  1. Nate says:

    I want to start a hair business. Since I;m new to this, I want to be able to stay in daily communication with my supplier and understand the ins and outs of ordering in bulk. Please email me on how to obtain a sample. Thanks in advance.

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