Everything You Need To Know About Single Donor Hair

In your search for hair extensions, you may have stumbled upon “single donor hair”  which is basically the IT girl of the hair extension world. It is smoother, shinier, more lustrous, and provides greater uniformity than other extensions, but is that reason enough to get it?

Join Rebe Hair as we explore whether this hair extension is worth its premium price.

Understanding Single Donor Hair

As the name indicates, single-donor hair is directly sourced from an individual donor. It is synonymous with virgin hair as it is unprocessed and isn’t chemically treated with bleach or dye. It also isn’t permed. Basically, it’s hair in its pure, natural state.

When the hair is cut, care is taken to keep the cuticles intact and in line which offers a more natural look and feel while reducing the risk of matting and tangling.

This step comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Because it keeps your hair from looking dry, frizzy, and puffy (factors that cause it to deteriorate faster), the hair is much more difficult to work with.

Additionally, keep in mind that a single weft needs at least 50 to 80 grams of hair. It isn’t always possible to get that much hair from a single donor. So, when a donor can provide it, manufacturers tend to drive up its prices.

Why Use Single Donor Hair?

Single-donor hair is highly coveted and considered the best because the strands are more uniform and free of imperfections. They’re lustrous, silky, and soft. Since they haven’t undergone chemical treatments, these strands are much healthier.

In addition, there’s little to no friction between the cuticles as they’re all aligned in the same direction. Hence, you can give it the same tender loving care as your real strands.

Should I Get Single Donor Hair?

Is single-donor hair better? Yes.

Does everybody need it? No.

Single-donor hair is only essential for those who want consistency in their hair patterns. Specifically, it’s for people who have a unique hair type like those whose manes possess textures and colors that are hard to find in regular hair extensions.

It’s also an option for customers who don’t mind paying a pretty penny to get the highest quality hair.

Understanding Marketing and How It Motivates Your Buying Decisions

Single donor hair is marketed as superior—and its price tag reflects that.

But manufacturers source supposedly “single donor hair” from the heads of multiple donors with near-identical hair colors, types, and textures. This is because it’s a lot of work to manufacture the pieces and there’s no guarantee that each donor will have the amount of hair required to create a full weft.

That’s why Remy hair, which is made with 100% human hair, can be a great alternative.

It offers a natural-looking appearance as the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. So, even if it’s processed during production, it retains its shine and smoothness even after it’s washed multiple times. The best thing about Remy hair is it’s available at a much lower price. Just be sure to get it from a wholesale hair supplier that uses virgin hair as chemically treated hair won’t last as long.

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