5 Reasons Why We Recommend 6A Grade Hair

Either you are a personal user or distributor,you want to buy the best quality hair.There are different grades of hair on the market,it’s really hard to choose,especially when there are so many vendors selling in a such big price range.If you are new to this business,we recommend you could try to start with 6A grade virgin hair.

I believe most of you know that when we process hair,there is a step called:acid bath,the hair was collected with tops and ends mixed,so buy soaking it in an acid bath.It arrives coated heavily in silicone,cuticles removed,giving it a temporary” tangle free” natural and unnatural shine,which could rinses away with the first few washes,this leads to a very short life time for 5A grade hair.Unfortunately,some suppliers are mixing synthetic hair or animal hair in it.Thus,you could find a lot of unbelievable prices online.
But for our 7A grade hair,its 100% unprocessed,the hair was collected from one single donor,the cuticles are all in the same direction,no acid bath or any other chemical process,you could dye,perm and style it freely,it will just like your own hair!Because this true virgin hair is getting less and less,the price is getting higher and higher.

For 6A Grade Hair,which is 100% human hair for sure,even thought its not from one single donor,our workers use some technique to make the cuticles in the same direction,with only little chemical process,the hair remains its natural shine,and you could dye and style it too.The life time is at least 3 times longer than 5A grade hair.Most importantly,the price for 6A is affordable.

Run Business Longer
Sometimes too cheap is not a good thing,when your customers give you complains everyday,you could not hold a business long.I know some vendors started their Aliexpress store by selling 5A grade hair and get closed by the Administrator because of tons of bad reviews.So no matter you want to start your business online or open a local store,5A hair is not a good choice to start.Only with good reviews and return customers,you could run a long time business,which 6A grade hair,from our experience,could help you to achieve this.

Suitable For All Markets
6A grade hair is suitable for all markets,hair business is a world wide business,considering 7A virgin hair is getting less and less,6A grade hair will become the main product in the next a few years.

Large Inventory
We already realized this trend,and we are making a lot of stocks for 6A grade hair,this is a good advantages for distributors,because we could be your storage and you could order as many as you want,even just 1 piece.Also dropshipping is available.

So according to the price,quality,business strategy and the market demand,6A grade hair is a good choice to start.But based on the potential market and customers,5A is still in a huge demand in African,A lot of distributor from Australia are still looking for the best 7A grade virgin double drawn hair,you could just ignore this post and keep your own strategy.

You need to have a plan or strategy,you need to know who you are going to sell,what your customers are really want,how long you want to run your business.What do you think?

12 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We Recommend 6A Grade Hair

  1. Q Lee says:

    I am interested in starting my own hair boutique but, have lots of questions. Reading you blog is exciting, I am having trouble finding quality hair and I do not mind investing a little more money for great business.

  2. Denyne says:

    I want to start my own hair business and reading this just gave me more hope and cant wait to start. Now I just need more information on how to go about purchasing the hair. Only interested in the grade 7A. Can you give me a lil more insight or which direction I should go.

  3. tanya says:

    I am interesting in starting my own business sell hair on the internet,i would like to buy quality hair from you factory. I am interested in coming to china really soon.

  4. Siphokazi Jilingisi says:

    Hi Im interested in starting a business as well, but dont want to sell low quality hair that will disappoint my customers. I need advice.

  5. Tahira says:

    I am interested in starting my own buisness selling hair online. I only want to purchade 7A grade hair. After reading your blog i have a lot of questions and would want to do business with you.

  6. Shay says:

    Hi, I am interested to starting my own business which is hair boutique store in my country and online. I just need advice, more info on how to go about it and workin with you guys. Also the prices

  7. Marsha Lee says:

    Interesting read thank u. Looking to start my own hair business and will b interested in purchasing grades 6a and 7a for potential customers. THANKS FOR THE INFO. Hopefully your sales team can provide more guidance when Im purchasing

  8. dorekajones says:

    hello I have interest in offering bundle body wave weave 7A grade to my clients at my salon and I would like to open a weave salon also….I would like prices and the information on the amount I need to purchase to make an order

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