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Have more than 10,000 bundles hair weave in stock right now,we are one of the biggest wholesale hair weave distributor from China.

Length: 8inch-30inch

Color: Natural black,Ombre

Texture: Silky Straight,Body Wave,Deep Wave,Water Wave,Spiral Curl,Deep Curl,etc

Ship Within 24 Hours!

More Than 500 Happy Customers

We have received more than 500 customers feedbacks during the past a few years.We try our best to give the best product,best customer service and best after-sale service.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Why Choose RebeHair?

1.Real wholesale hair weave factory in China,we not only can product best hair product,but we give suggestions,advice and support to your business.

2.Large inventory to save your money.You do not need to stock a lot of hair,we will take care of it,just take your money on marketing and let us do the stock.

3.Consistent hair quality,we have a product control team make sure that all the orders are all in the same good quality standard.

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I just start selling hair,can I buy wholesale?

Yes definitely!Many our customers start with 0 but now selling 1000 bundles per month!

Can I sell your hair as my own brand?

Yes sure!We could do private label with your own brand,also we help our customers design their logos 🙂

Can I sell your hair on my own website?

yes,you can sell on your site with your own brand.We could help dropship your orders 🙂

What if I need to return or exchange hair?

We have a 14 day return and exchange policy for products that are unused and undamaged.

Is there a minimum ordering quantity?

We do not have MOQ for sample orders.After sample order the MOQ is 10 bundles.We give discount for big orders.

Can I customize my order?

Yes definitely!We encourage you to be different!

Do you send samples?

We send FREE samples to legit salon,wholesalers,etc,please contact us for more info.

Hair Weave,also called hair weft or hair extension,is widely used on the beauty market.Last month a girl said she had spent $25,000 to get her hair weaved until 2013,and she is only 18.This is a big number and even I have been in this business for years,I was shocked.

Thinking about the years of that the e-commerce is not so popular,hair weave and lace wigs were quite expensive,there were only few people known to buy wholesale hair weave or lace wigs from China,also there were not so many suppliers in China neither.But as we could see ourselves,from the past a few years,e-commerce is getting more and more popular,there are hundreds of business owners are importing hair from China factories every month.

Hair weave business is quite hot in US,everyday,there are thousands of youtube gurus are uploading videos to youtube.com,all with hair weave topics.So you see this is a quite hot and long-term business.

So if you want to buy wholesale human hair weave from China?How and where?

1.In China,there are 3 places are good at hair products,they are: QingDao,XuChang and Juancheng,you might find there are lots of companies are from Guangzhou,well,those are all trading companies,there are few factories in Guangzhou,most of them are buying from Xuchang.

2.If you are really serious to your business,I suggest you to come to China and visit the factory,talk face to face with the factory owner.And yes,if you want visit our factory,we would love to show you around!  🙂

If you are unable to visit the factory,please take your phone and call the factory sales directly.This is the best way to know our suppliers.

3.When you place your order,I recommend you choose paypal to pay the sample order,and for big orders,you need to be very careful when you are dealing with the factory for the firs several times.You could pay some deposit at first and pay the balance when the order is finished before shipping.And request to take photos of the order before you pay the balance!

4.Always keep an eye on your order when you receive it,many many Chinese suppliers are doing tricks on orders.So its better to check quality every time.

Rebe hair,with more than 10 years experience in hair market,we have more than 100 wholesale buyers from all over the world,we love this industry and we love our products.

If you want to do hair weave business,we would love to cooperate with you!If you have a chance to visit China,we would love to show you our factory.