Rebe Hair is a leading supplier of wholesale Brazilian hair extensions. Brazilian virgin hair has many unique properties which make it ideal for weaves. We offer a variety of lengths and textures of 100% human hair, including virgin hair for the highest quality hair weaves.

Why choose Brazilian virgin hair?

It is prized for its exceptionally luxurious texture; it is silky and light, making it the most popular choice for human hair weaves. This light texture makes Brazilian hair easy to maintain, with a minimum of matting or tangling. In Brazil women typically take meticulous care of their hair, as it is prized as ornamentation. For this reason, Brazilian hair is rarely processed or dyed, providing an ample supply of beautiful, virgin hair for our Brazilian hair extensions.

Virgin Brazilian hair can last up to a year if you take it carefully. While only a stylist should apply gels, mousses or other styling products, this natural hair can be styled as you’d style your natural hair; it can be curled, flat ironed, or even colored.

Hair extensions are ideal for a woman who wants to change her appearance more quickly than hair growth allows; you can get a weave for a special occasion, for an entire season, or to correct hair styling mistakes. Extensions can offer an opportunity to try out different looks, including weaving in “highlights” to see if they work for your look. Another great use for extensions is to “grow” out bangs quickly, avoiding the endless need to clip or pull back parts of your hair as bangs grow back.

Brazilian virgin hair are also a great option for women who are re-growing their hair following chemotherapy or other hair loss-inducing treatments; with about four inches of new growth, a weave can provide the beautiful, flowing locks you wish for without the wait.

Brazilian Hair Weaves are available as individual hairs, or as a weft. With individual weaves, a stylist can incorporate about twenty different strands into your own hair, securing them with fine thread. On the other hand, a weft is a section of hair attached to a band that is attached to your existing hair. While individual weaves provide excellent movement and a very natural look, a weft can optimize the body and height of your hair while increasing the length as well.

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