We ONLY use virgin hair to make tape in hair extensions now,in the past,we used remy and non-remy(also refered to 5A or 6A) hair to make tape in hair extensions,the hair is processed with an acid bath,which could destroy the cuticle,so the hair could not last long,our clients got a lot of complaints,and this is not a long-lasting business strategy,although the price is cheaper and customers could make more profit.

Now we only use the highest quality hair on the market that will NEVER have an acid bath or any other chemical process.The cuticle will be intact and the hair is soft,natural shiny and manageable.

Our hair will be:

1.Tangle free, natural looking hair extension blends seamless with your natural looking hair.
2.Unbelievably soft yet comfortable.
3.Minimum taping avoids damaging your follicles yet achieve natural looking.
4.Minimum taping and hence no damage to client’s real hair.
5.Gorgeous and stylish long luscious look outperform the rest of the market.
6.Professionally stylized to avoid tangling even after long wearing.
7.Easy to wash.They will not leave shampoo residues behind causing scalp problems.
8.Comfortable. Extension is stylized to prevent tangling while you sleep.

We welcome all kinds of wholesale buyers like salon owners,business owners,online store owners,etc.We could send 1 or 2 pieces free sample if you need to test our hair quality.Please just send us your business info.

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