If you are buying a few bundles once a time,the best payment option is Paypal,its super fast and easy,the payment go through instantly,the transaction fee is about 4%.Also if you do not receive the product or you do not receive the product you ordered,you could open a dispute and request your money back.If you do not have a Paypal account,you could use your credit card to pay through Paypal dashboard.


For most of countries,you could send money online through Moneygram,its also very fast,and the transaction fee is about 2-3%,it’s the best option if you are sending thousands of dollars.

3.Western Union

Same with Moneygram,you could use western union to send money to us,the money could be withdrawn within a few mins.But the transaction fee is a little higher than Moneygram.

4.Bank Transfer.

If you are sending more than $10,000,then Bank Transfer will save you a lot of transaction fee,but the time will cost about 2-7 business days depends on the different bank.