Observant female Orthodox Jews are all too familiar with the challenges of attempting to find a wig that not only fits properly, but that looks realistic and natural.Indeed, attempting to find the perfect wig can be uniquely challenging.

Luckily, our wigs make finding the right wig for you completely simple. We are extremely devoted to our Jewish clientele and pride ourselves on offering products that are perfect for their daily use.

100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair – We only use 100% unprocessed virgin hair to make Jewish/Kosher wigs,the hair cuticle is intact and completely no chemical processed.Our team collects the BEST hair on the market and pick up the best strands finely to make the wigs.Collecting and processing the best virgin hair is our chief specialty,and the Jewish wigs we made are fully compliant with all halachic requirements.The main collection is made from virgin Chinese hair.

Totally Natural Looking – For a woman who needs to wear a wig everyday, it is imperative that the wig looks natural. Many wigs have the obvious appearance of being wigs, rather than looking like natural hair. However, our wigs look completely realistic and natural. No matter what color or texture you seek, no one will suspect that you are wearing a wig.

Comfortable and Reliable Fit – Most of the Jewish wigs are custom order,so the the could fits comfortably and reliably, You will not need to tug or readjust throughout the day.

Wide Variety of Colors and Textures – The average observant Jewish woman isn’t looking for anything crazy or for anything that makes a statement. Instead, she would just like a simple, natural-looking wig that matches her natural color and texture. No matter what shade or texture you are looking for, our large inventory ensures that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

For Orthodox Jewish women, a wig is an essential part of daily life. Finding a wig can certainly be a challenge. However, if you shop through us, you will be able to find the perfect wig for you. Furthermore, our high quality wigs ensure that you will be able to wear your wig for many years, without any hair loss or damage from wear. We appreciate all of our Jewish customers and thank you for choosing to do your business with us.

We are looking for wholesale buyers,as the China’s leading source for True virgin hair wigs,we want to find more wholesale buyers to build your brand and business.You could place a sample order first to check our hair quality.Please contact us for more info.

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