Single drawn extensions and double drawn extensions can be Remy hair or virgin hair.So what is the exactly difference between single drawn hair and double drawn hair.
We could conclude it to one thing: the amount of short hairs.

When making hair extensions,there are process to manage the short hairs of the weave,the shorter the hair,the cheaper it will be,so if you get very cheap wholesale price from other suppliers,there are 2 possibilities:
1: They mix synthetic hair
2: There are more short hairs
So with single drawn hair,there always short hairs pop up and the tips are very thin.It’s not a uniform thickness from the top all the way to the bottom.So a lot of times people end up having to cut this last little bit of hair off because it’s kind of really thin and people don’t really like that thinness at the end. So if that doesn’t matter to you and that’s not a problem then it ends up being actually a little less expensive and so single drawn hair is just fine for most people and they don’t mind have a problem with having those short pieces in there and its cheaper.

But for double drawn hair, we actually go and process the hair a second step and pick out all of the short hairs leaving solid length of the hair.its all the same uniform length until you get down to the end and then you might start seeing a few shorter pieces in there but overall its going to give you a uniform, nice, thick bundle of hair all the way from the roots to all the way to the the tip. It simulates a much healthier looking hair and so again because its an extra step in the processing the hair tends to be more expensive.

We could make both single drawn or double drawn hair,and we could also make customized order like we could control the short hairs amount.But from our experience,double hair could bring you more high quality customers because they want higher quality hair this kind of customers are always very loyal,and not all salons could supply double hair,so this will make your business more unique,do you agree?

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