5 Top Tips To Follow When Choosing Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

Looking for curly hair extensions to instantly add length and volume to your mane? There are countless manufacturers out there who deliver a wide assortment of extensions. How can you sift through the various hair extension products and find the perfect one for your needs?

À Cheveux Rebé, we understand that finding the right curly hair extensions from a reliable de gros fournisseur de cheveux can be difficult. That’s why we created this helpful guide. Find the extensions of your dreams in 5 simple steps!

1. Match the Curl Pattern

If you’re a curly-haired queen looking for the most natural-looking hair extensions, closely match the texture to your real hair. This due diligence is essential because mixing curl patterns can make blending challenging as they’re prone to tangles.

That said, if you’re getting a permanent style, choose a curlier extension. Eventually, the hair extension will lose some of its curliness. The extent to which it will do so depends on how often you style them with heating tools, what type of products you use to take care of them, whether you experiment with hairstyles, etc.

2. Select the Right Length

Hair extensions come in different lengths so it’s easier for you to achieve the look you want. As a general rule of thumb, don’t choose extensions that exceed your natural length by more than three to four inches as it will be more difficult to make them blend with your own hair.

3. Consider Density

Hair density, or the number of curly strands you have on every square inch of your scalp, is what gives your crown the appearance of thickness. If it’s too low, the scalp becomes visible even if you don’t part your hair. Hair extensions can help you avoid this as they create the illusion of voluminous hair while disguising thinning patches.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your curls or want to experiment with a new hairstyle, they’re the perfect solution.

Remember to choose thinner extensions, preferably wefts, as high-density hair can feel heavier on your scalp and lead to discomfort. It can also put a lot of strain on your natural hair while resulting in pulling, tension, and, ultimately, breakage.

4. Choose a Color That Matches

Color matching your extensions with your natural hair is vital to help them blend in. It’s particularly necessary if you want it to look like it’s your own hair—only with more depth, dimension, movement, and texture. This is because even minor color differences can create a glaringly obvious contrast and make it look fake.

If you’re a fashionista looking to experiment with highlighting trends, you can find a de gros fournisseur de cheveux that offers a wide range of colors. Choose 100% remy human hair whenever possible as it can be colored and treated like your natural hair.

5. Think About Maintenance

Curly hair can be overwhelming as it is naturally dry. Due to its structure, your strands can’t retain moisture as well which could lead to split ends, frizz, unmanageable tangles, and breakage. Hair extensions can add to your problems by tugging at your scalp and follicles. That’s why it’s important to choose lightweight extensions made with human hair because they allow you to handle and take care of them like the hair on your head.

Get Gorgeous Curly Locks at Rebe Hair

Whether you’re in the market for vente en gros perruques en dentelle ou curly hair bundles that add volume and dimension to your natural hair, Rebe Hair has you covered. We offer extensions in a wide range of colors, textures, lengths, and densities so you can achieve a seamless hairstyle without creating a dent in your savings.

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