How To Achieve Longer-Lasting Curls With Hair Extensions

Offering length and volume, hair extensions are fun to style while rewarding users with great-looking results. However, it can be challenging to make them look the way you want, especially if you’re going for a curly mane. Hair extensions don’t always hold curls very well.

Sometimes, it could be because of the type of extension you use. Other times, it could be because you are simply styling it incorrectly and using the wrong products and techniques. Either way, we’re here to help you.

Here are easy ways to achieve longer-lasting curls with hair extensions.

Choose High-Quality Extensions

Many fast fashion websites offer extensions at a steal. And while the price tags are tempting, these synthetic extensions are made of cheap materials that will fall apart after a few uses.

Cheveux Rebé, un vente en gros fournisseur d'extensions de cheveux, provides high-quality hair extensions at affordable prices. On our website, you can choose between various textures, lengths, colors, and hair products like vente en gros perruques en dentelle.

Remember, your hair is your most prominent accessory, so prioritizing quality over quantity would be wise.

Soin des cheveux

Just like you apply skincare before you start to do your makeup, you need to pamper your hair before styling it. Yes, even your Extensions de cheveux. Synthetic extensions cannot be styled, so prepping them is out of the question.

However, if you have human hair extensions, wash them with sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner the day before you need to style them. Ensure you use plenty of moisturizing products so the strands get all the hydration they need.

Always Use Heat Protectant

Before you style your hair, always wear a heat protectant spray or serum. Think of it as the sunscreen of the hair. Heat protectants are an excellent way to prevent damage that causes your extensions to lose their integrity, preventing curls from lasting.

Although this doesn’t guarantee that they won’t sustain damage, a heat protectant will reduce it by a significant amount. Do your research before investing in a heat protectant as many in the market cater to different hair types.

Work in Small Sections

Holding your curling wand above your head and styling your hair can be tiresome. Though you may be tempted to curl big chunks at once and be done with it, don’t.

You may miss out on some sections, leaving large portions of your hair and extensions uncurled. Instead, section your hair in smaller portions and take your time as you curl each area. Take breaks whenever your hand starts to tire and you’ll get better-looking results.

Seal in All Your Hard Work

After curling your hair, hold every lock until it cools and release it slowly. Repeat this process on each layer of hair. Applying hairspray all over will seal in all your hard work and keep your curls intact for longer.


Styling your hair with extensions is a fun way to show off your style and creativity. If you want your curls to last, invest in high-quality extensions. Rebe Hair has various wholesale extensions in different textures, lengths, and colors.

Remember, use heat protection before styling, work in small sections, and make your hard work last with hairspray. These tips ensure that your extensions will remain curly for hours.

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