Mane Attraction : Comment commercialiser et vendre des extensions à ruban adhésif à mes clients ?

Have you invested in high-quality vente en gros extensions de cheveux and want to add them to your list of services?

Effective promotion and marketing are key to selling your extensions à ruban adhésif. If you don’t know where to begin, Cheveux Rebé has you covered. As a premium hair supplier avec vente en gros perruques en dentelle, extensions, and more, our guide will show you how to make tape-in extensions one of your most popular services!

Guide To Marketing and Selling Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you’ve done your due diligence and found a reputable wholesale hair extension seller, then you probably have a selection of balayage, ombre, and solid tape-in extensions to offer your clients.

Now that you’re all set, here are some amazing marketing ideas for tape-in extensions:

Embrace the Extensions Lifestyle

As a hairstylist or salon owner, your clients often look to you for their “hair goals.”’ So, what better way to promote your tape-in extensions than to wear them yourself?

When your clients compliment your hair, you can use it as an opportunity to market the extensions. A simple “Your hair could look the same with these tape-ins” is enough to get the ball rolling!

You can also make the first move by saying something like, “Can you tell I’m wearing extensions?” to make clients realize how natural-looking your extensions are. Then, bring out the big guns and show off your different tape-in extensions to show clients that you have an extension for every hair type, color, and length.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Clients may struggle to visualize the effect that hair extensions can have, so it’s your duty as a hairstylist to help them out. Demonstrate how the extensions work—the application process, the maintenance, re-application, removal, and overall styling involved.

This will take away some of the uncertainty and allow clients to fully appreciate how the extensions can potentially transform their hair’s appearance, thus increasing their appeal.

Your clients will also appreciate the extra effort, boosting trust and credibility while giving you the opportunity to sell your hair extensions. All of this combined will help you seal the deal.

Transparent Pricing and Discounts

“How much will the hair extensions cost?” is an inevitable question. Being upfront and clear from the get-go will enhance their appeal.

Discuss various pricing models based on the type of extension and the expertise required to apply them. This will help clients understand what goes into the process, and why your extensions are priced the way they are, allowing them to truly appreciate your services.

You can also sweeten the deal with discounts, particularly for clients who are trying extensions for the first time. This will incentivize them to take the leap as there is less investment and risk involved.

Market Beyond the Salon

While marketing to clients who are already in your salon is an effective strategy, don’t forget to expand your horizons. Use social media to your advantage and post pictures, videos, and other engaging content to increase awareness, showcase your tape-in application skills, and appeal to a broader audience.

You’ll surely see an increase in appointments for tape-in extensions if you harness the power of social media marketing!


We’ve covered everything you should know to pique your clients’ interest in your Rebe Hair tape-in extension services. Refer to this guide and watch your business flourish!

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