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Single Drawn VS Double Drawn

Single drawn and double drawn hair can be remy/virgin hair,or regular hair.

For single drawn hair,there are a lot of short hair in it,the top is more thicker than the bottom.If we take a bundle of 18inch hair weave as an example,around 15% of the hairs are likely to measure approx 18inch,the rest of the hair is a combination of lengths between 12-16inch.There are short hairs through out of the bundle,what that ends giving you is a bundle of hair has a straggly thin end,its not uniform thickness from the top all the way to the bottom.Most of the times,the hair stylist will cut the thin end because customers do not like that.

For double drawn hair,the hair is thicker,has a better quality and all the same hair length.The hair will undergoes an additional process.That workers take out the short hairs manually.So there will be no short hairs in the bundle,the hair is all in the same uniform length,making for a very thick and healthy looking bundle.Because its complicated processing,double drawn hair tends to be more expensive than single drawn hair. Check out our drawn hair here

What RebeHair supplies: We could supply both single drawn and double drawn remy hair.We could also do custom order with your own requirements too.

Why some sellers on aliexpress are selling cheaper than you?

Because we keep our longest hair ratio at 15%,some sellers are reducing this ratio,which means the end of the hair bundle will be very thin,so the price could be cheaper.But we found that if the hair end is too thin,many customers will complain.

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